Notice of Routine System Maintenance

Routine System Maintenance Notice

On June 3rd, 2023, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Mountain) there will be routine required maintenance being performed.
Mission critical services:

  • Web
  • Database
  • FTP
  • Email

Will be unavailable. During the 2 hour window, email sent to users may be delayed.
Upon all services being bought back online, email delays should resolve themselves.
All services should be bought back online by 4:00 PM, however, there may be complications. Because of these, services should be back up by no later than 5:00 PM.
Support (during the maintenance window,) can be obtained by calling into the phone system:


Notification of Website Un-Availability

Notification of Website Un-Availability

Beginning Saturday, Apr. 29th, 2023 (Times are mountain standard time,) at 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, our web-server will be unavailable while I work on switching us to a new web-server.

Why The Switchover

Server memory is being consumed with our current web-server do to heavy traffic, therefore, I’d like to switch us over to a lower memory consumption based web-server.
The server, called NGINX (or just Nginx,) is a smaller web-server which can handle thousands of concurrent connections without heavy server load.
This servers initial purpose was to act as a “Reverse Proxy,” meaning requests from it can be handled via a proxy server or the server could even act as a “Load-balancer server,” allowing it to handle load (to reduce traffic) of a website.
While the server is considered “Multi-Purpose,” we will be using it as just a stand-alone web-server instead.

Site SSL Certificates

All website SSL certificates will be revoked (or invalidated) so that they can be reissued for our new Nginx web-server. As a result of this, you may experience “SSL Connect” error messages while certificates are being reissued. For now, please ignore these messages and continue on to your site as normal.
Sites should be back online by 4:00 PM Saturday, though please allow until 5:00 PM before contacting the support phone system.


Introducing Icecast Stream Hosting


Routine System Maintenance

Notice of Routine System Maintenance


On March 8, 2023 beginning at 10 AM to 4 PM (mountain,) there will be system maintenance being performed on the Barracuda hosting server.
During this window, all services (mission critical,) and user-defined, will be shutdown.
Services like web, FTP, Database, and email, will be taken down to perform the routine maintenance.
Services should be back up by 4 PM, though there may be complications, so they may be back up by 5 PM instead.
Email may be delayed during this time, though it should be able to resolve itself once services are available at the conclusion of maintenance.
If you have questions, please call
(773) 541-4611
Option 1, for Hosting Support.


Upgrade To PHP 8.2


Email Configuration For Smartphones

Smartphone Email Configuration Issues

If you have discovered issues configuring your email on your Android or iPhone’s for any domain hosted with FirestarHosting.CC, this is because it has come to my attention that iMap is not working with those smartphones.
For iMap, you may discover the message:
Cannot connect using SSL. Would you like to configure the account without using SSL?
As a workaround, please use POP3 along with SMTP to configure your email.
If you require assistance with this, please send an email to

With subject: Help With Smartphone Email Account Configuration
Within the body of the message, state the type of smartphone you have (I.E., Android, iPhone, and operating system, OS, you have, iOS8, Android Lollipop.)
The ticket will also have to include the domain name (including either the dot Com, dot CC, dot net, etc.)
I will then assist you (if I am able to,) in configuring your email account for Pop3/SMTP.


Mailman Unavailability: Upgrade To Mailman 3


Notice of FTP Server Change


Implementation of Email VirusScanning


Planned Scheduled Maintenance: Operating System Upgrade

Operating System Upgrade

Attention: All FirestarHosting.CC Customers

There will be planned maintenance being performed today, beginning at 11:15 AM Eastern. However, because this is special maintenance, the system will be unavailable until possibly Monday, January 25, 2021 at 9:00 AM Eastern standard time.


As the Barracuda hosting server is behind on software that is critically needed to maintain websites, databases, and other operating system (OS) functions, we are being advised to upgrade to the Debian 10 (Buster) operating system.

What This Upgrade Will Entail

The following will be done while the Barracuda hosting server is offline:

  • Perform a complete server backup: This will be done to insure a restoration point is available should the upgrade fail.
  • Upgrade Server: Install Debian 10 and install needed software and insure the server is up-to-date.

After The Upgrade

  • Restore user accounts and restore user websites.
  • Test functionality of user websites to insure they work under Debian 10.
  • Restore (if within the user’s account) mail accounts belonging to said user.
  • Keep the server up-to-date as needed/required.

Providing nothing goes wrong during the upgrade, I hope to have the server available again by tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM eastern.
If customers have any questions, please directly iMessage me or DM on twitter.