Important changes affecting hosted WordPress sites

Good day,
This post is for all customers who host word press sites with Firestar Hosting.
Affective Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 8 AM Eastern, all WordPress sites will be taken off-line to implement new security changes.
summary: most database servers require a username and password for every user. Currently, no customer has assigned usernames or passwords for their databases at present.
As a result, this could cause compromising of the customer databases and of their website.
To prevent possible compromise, I will be taking the databases off-line and will be assigning each customer a username and password to use with all of their databases.
This one username and password, will have privileges for all databases under the customer‘s account.
Each customer will be emailed individually their respective username and password. furthermore, the database will be renamed to username_databasename.
As always, if customers have any questions, please submit a general support ticket to the Department of support.