Important Information For FirestarHosting Hosted Websites Regarding PHP 8.0 migration

For all hosting clients
On Sep. 7, 2020, there will be a partial upgrade to PHP 8.0 beta 2. This will be considered a beta upgrade, and will only be tested sparingly as it’s
not suitable for production use yet.

What Is A Partial Upgrade?

A partial upgrade is one that is installed differently than the entire production PHP versions. The partial upgrade has everything the production packages
do, with the exception that the beta PHP version is just not suitable for production use yet.

WordPress might work with the beta PHP version, though all indications are inconclusive.

If you’d like to try out PHP 8.0 Beta 2, please submit a ticket to

With the subject: Beta PHP Upgrade

And provide your domain name and the fact that you’d like to be upgraded to PHP beta.

Your site will be switched temporarily to the PHP 8.0 Beta 2 software. After PHP 8 is out of beta, your site will then be switched to the full production
version of PHP 8.0.

Have a great labor day weekend.