Planned Scheduled Maintenance: Operating System Upgrade

Operating System Upgrade

Attention: All FirestarHosting.CC Customers

There will be planned maintenance being performed today, beginning at 11:15 AM Eastern. However, because this is special maintenance, the system will be unavailable until possibly Monday, January 25, 2021 at 9:00 AM Eastern standard time.


As the Barracuda hosting server is behind on software that is critically needed to maintain websites, databases, and other operating system (OS) functions, we are being advised to upgrade to the Debian 10 (Buster) operating system.

What This Upgrade Will Entail

The following will be done while the Barracuda hosting server is offline:

  • Perform a complete server backup: This will be done to insure a restoration point is available should the upgrade fail.
  • Upgrade Server: Install Debian 10 and install needed software and insure the server is up-to-date.

After The Upgrade

  • Restore user accounts and restore user websites.
  • Test functionality of user websites to insure they work under Debian 10.
  • Restore (if within the user’s account) mail accounts belonging to said user.
  • Keep the server up-to-date as needed/required.

Providing nothing goes wrong during the upgrade, I hope to have the server available again by tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM eastern.
If customers have any questions, please directly iMessage me or DM on twitter.