Implementation of Email VirusScanning

All Emails From FirestarHosting.CC Clients Or From FirestarHosting.CC Itself Are To Be Scanned

beginning today I have implemented both server and client side, the scanning of all emails for viruses.
To insure safety and best practices for email communication, beginning today, all emails originating from the FirestarHosting.CC server will be automatically scanned for viruses prior to being delivered to outside email servers. Emails that have been found to have viruses will automatically be deleted and will not be sent out. In addition to spam being filtered, as is the case for FirestarHosting.CC currently, virus scanning of all emails is a must as viruses can and usually do, spread from the use of attachments.
This extra step is to insure all persons who receive email from any FirestarHosting.CC client remains both safe and protected as possible. The use of virus scanning of emails won’t affect email processing.
Thank you for your efforts to keep the internet both a safe and fun place for all to use.
As always, if clients have any questions, please feel free to submit a support ticket under the department of support.