Introducing New Support options For FirestarHosting Customers

To aid in getting proper support, I have introduced One-Time Use Support Pins.
These random, one-time use 6 digit numbers are generated server-side, and will aid in speeding up support responses a bit quicker.
All tickets must have a One-Time Use Support Pin associated with them. To generate a support pin, you can visit
If you lost your One-Time Use Support Pin, you can use the link above to regenerate another one, and insure your ticket has the new Pin included with your ticket.
Also, if you need to call for support, and you have a support ticket opened, please include your One-Time Use Support Pin.
You may call
Local: 315.898.1197, option 1.
International: 1.315.898.1197, option 1.
Call-in support times are from
Monday’s and Thursday’s
8:00 AM until 4:00 PM
Saturday’s and Sunday’s
9:00 AM until 4:00 PM.
Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s
Please submit support tickets only. I will respond when I can during those days.


Notice of Mailing List Server Downtime

Please note: On March 21, 2020, the mailing list server will be unavailable while I work to resolve a few technical issues with it.
The downtime will be from 9 AM Eastern until 1 PM Eastern.
Users who require mailing lists during this time, Must wait until the server in question becomes available.
If clients have questions, please forward them to support.


Notice Regarding COVID19

March 16, 2020
Dear valued customers,
As the spread of COVID19 continues and the situation changes regarding COVID19, I wanted to write to let you know what FirestarHosting.CC is doing in regards to contingency plans.

Plan Overview

Every year, FirestarHosting has plans in place to combat situations (whether that’d be hurricanes or other natural disasters.)
As COVID19 is considered a pandemic, this falls under the natural disaster’s, and therefore, this is apart of this year’s contingency plans.
As part of this year’s plans, the following will occur

    Accounts scheduled for deletion do to nonuse; This will be suspended until Nov. 1, 2020.
    Customers who require support will continue to receive support as needed.
    If a mass U.S. quarantine is ordered by the president, FirestarHosting.CC will immediately Cease operations. This means, any support tickets/requests, these will be tended to after said quarantine has concluded.
    Should FirestarHosting Cease it’s operations, and a paid customer is scheduled to pay on the day in question, and the customer has already paid, the customer will be refunded their payment. Note: Refunds may take up to 30 (thirty) days to process.
    Should a server issue or security issue occur, and FirestarHosting has already Ceased operations, I will look into said issues and tend to them when time and circumstances allow.
    If martial law is ordered by the president, FirestarHosting will also proceed to immediately Cease operations. In this case, this means that security or server issues will not be tended to. After martial law is concluded, any issues needing my attention will then be looked into as required.

If customers have any questions regarding these plans, feel free to reply to the list, or to this email address.
Note: To insure your reply gets through to me, please BCC a copy of your reply to
topdog2046 at
In case the server is unavailable. Have a great morning.


Notice Of Routine System Maintenance